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Andrew House (1983 - 1984)

Government-run and Home

Andrew House was created in 1983 when the government-run Walcott Centre in Mount Lawley was divided into two group Homes: Andrew House and Cawley House. In 1984, the Andrew House program moved to Warminda, in Welshpool.


Andrew House was a government-run group Home, created when the Walcott Centre was divided into two separate Homes: Andrew House and Cawley House.

Andrew House was staffed by a senior group worker, and four groupworkers, one on each shift. The purpose of group Homes at this time was to offer 'behaviour management and social skills' programs. Some of the children or young people at Andrew House may also have attended the Walcott School, on the campus.

In 1984, Andrew House was replaced by Warminda, in Welshpool.


1983 - 1984
Address - Andrew House was located on the Walcott Centre campus, on the corner of Lord and Walcott Streets, Mount Lawley. Location: Mount Lawley


 1983 - 1984 Andrew House
       1984 - 1993? Warminda

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