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Family History

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How to do your own Family History Research

There are lots of websites with great advice about how to do family history research, which can be a great way to find out more about the lives of past family members.

The National Archives of Australia website is a good place to start, see:

The State Library in your capital city is another place you can go to get help and advice about family history research and family tracing. Most State Libraries have a genealogy (family history) centre. At the State Library, you can get free access to websites like, and search resources like Police Gazettes, post office directories, immigration and shipping records and a range of family history indexes.

ACT Heritage Library:
Visit the ACT Heritage Library (Library staff can assist you to access resources like and
Northern Territory Library:
Family Historians at Northern Territory Library:
State Library of New South Wales:
Family History and Local History:
State Library of Queensland:
Family History:
State Library of South Australia:
Family History Service at the State Library of South Australia:
State Library of Tasmania:
Family History:
State Library of Victoria:
Family History Tools & Resources:
State Library of Western Australia:
Family History: