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Northern Territory - Archival Item

Fire at Fannie Bay Receiving Home - Northern Territory (1957 - 1959)

Reference No
A452, 1957/1742
Legal Status
National Archives of Australia Reference Number

Fire at Fannie Bay Receiving Home - Northern Territory is a National Archives file of documents. Although it has not yet been examined, the title suggests that is relates to the fire which destroyed the Fannie Bay Receiving Home in May 1956.


Access Conditions

Not yet examined.

On Recordsearch, the search engine of the National Archives, you can see if a record is open or not and whether it has been digitized. In 2014 this record had the note, 'Not yet examined' which means that researchers need to contact the National Archives to ask for the file to be examined with the possibility of being opened for access. The National Archives website provides further information about applying for access to records.

Prepared by: Karen George and Gary George