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Charlton Memorial Home (1942 - 1966)

  • Cover of Anglican Home Mission Society 'Action'

    Cover of Anglican Home Mission Society 'Action', December 1966

Anglican, Children's Home, Home and Protestant
Alternative Names
  • Archdeacon Charlton Memorial Home
  • Charlton Boys' Home, Glebe

Charlton Memorial Home, also known as Charlton Boys' Home, was established in Glebe by the Home Mission Society in 1942. It was a Church of England home that primarily dealt with boys who had appeared in Children's Courts, but also took girls. It held up to 40 young people, ranging in age from seven to 18. In 1966 Charlton Memorial Home moved to Ashfield.


The Home was named after Archdeacon Charlton, who a former head of the Home Mission Society. A 1925 Sydney Morning Herald article said Charlton home was established for children attending the Children's Court and was for 'child delinquents' and 'those who might become such without proper care and education.'

According to its annual reports, the Home Mission Society ran a chaplaincy at the Children's Courts, supporting non-Catholic children and their families during hearings and providing support to boys and girls who were placed on probation, or sent to reformatories.

In 1944 the Home Mission Society said Charlton was an example of its 'Special Centre Work', which was supporting children appearing before the Children's Courts. The Society stated

... many of the cases which come before the Court can only be helped by taking them out of the homes in which they have become a social problem.

The Society said that Charlton was open day and night but boys and girls rarely absconded. Children were referred to it by the police, the Child Guidance Clinic and the Court.

Charlton began in Avona Avenue in Glebe, but expanded to take in neighbouring properties at the corner of Forsyth Street and Glebe Road (Charlton Way). By 1959 it had its own printery and workshop.

Charlton Boys' Home Glebe was sold in 1966. Charlton moved to Ashfield, to what had been Milleewa. Homes at Bowral and Castle Hill were moved to Ashfield in 1970. Ashfield was converted to Robinson Home in the late 1970s.


1942 - 1966
Location - Charlton Memorial Home was situated at Avona Avenue, near Forsyth Street, Glebe. Location: Glebe


 1942 - 1966 Charlton Memorial Home
       1966 - 1970s Charlton Boys' Home, Ashfield
             1970s - c. 1991 Robinson House

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Journal Articles

  • 'The New Charlton: "Milleewa Changes Hands"', Home Mission Society Action, no. 5, December 1966. Details


  • Annual report of the Home Mission Society of the Diocese of Sydney, Home Mission Society (NSW), 1912-1971. Details

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Cover of Anglican Home Mission Society 'Action'
Cover of Anglican Home Mission Society 'Action'
December 1966


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Prepared by: Naomi Parry