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Bridgewater Assessment Centre [Site Map]

Bridgewater Assessment Centre [Site Map], 1968

Bridgewater Assessment Centre [Site Map]

This image shows a map of Applecross and surrounds, highlighting the site of the Bridgewater Care and Assessment Centre and bus routes to the Centre. It includes an inset of a more detailed map of the Bridgewater site, showing the locations and names of buildings, including four cottages, the kindergarten, and administration building. This map was published by the Department for Community Welfare in 1968, in preparation for the opening of the Centre in February 1969.

Archival reference

Institutions, Bridgewater, General Correspondence, State Records Office of Western Australia, Series 1099 Files - Community Welfare ("A" Series), Cons: 2608: Item A2393 V1

Department of Community Welfare

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