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Buckingham Cottage

Buckingham Cottage, 1969? - 1994?, courtesy of Salvation Army Heritage Museum WA, Hollywood Children's Village file.

Buckingham Cottage

'Buckingham Cottage' is a digital copy of an insert held in the Hollywood Children's Village file at the Salvation Army Heritage Museum WA. The insert has two site plans of the Salvation Army facilities at Hollywood, with the location of Buckingham Cottage and the swimming pool highlighted; an image (taken 1994) of cottage parents; an excerpt from a newspaper article, 'Families share their affection and fellowship' about the village (probably from 1969) reporting on accommodation arrangements at the Village; an item, 'Saturday: double opening' from the War Cry in 1971 about the swimming pool at the Village; a photograph dated 1994 showing the demolition of the Brand and Pied Piper cottages; and two coloured photocopies of an older cottage at the Salvation Army Boys' Home, Nedlands (West Subiaco).

1969? - 1994?
Salvation Army Heritage Museum WA, Hollywood Children's Village file
Salvation Army Heritage Museum WA

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