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Hopetoun North Fremantle

Hopetoun North Fremantle, 1906? - 1974, courtesy of Salvation Army Heritage Museum WA, Hillcrest photos file.

Hopetoun North Fremantle

'Hopetoun North Fremantle' is a digital copy of an undated, mounted photocopy held in the Hillcrest photos file at the Salvation Army Heritage Museum WA. The caption reads, 'Hopetoun - opened 1910 on corner of Stirling Hwy and Harvest Rd'. There is some confusion about when the maternity home came to be called 'Hopetoun'. Until at least 1918, it was also called 'The Open Door'. The earliest published account of the name 'Hopetoun' is 1916, so there was some overlap. By 1922, the maternity services had moved into another property in Harvest Road, 'Hillcrest'. The Hopetoun building was used as an aged care facility. From around June 1906, the building had been used as a prison-gate home. It is unknown what purpose the building served when this photograph was taken.

1906? - 1974
Salvation Army Heritage Museum WA, Hillcrest photos file
Salvation Army Heritage Museum WA

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