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Kurrawang girls' dormitory

Kurrawang girls' dormitory, 1973 - 1974, by Jeffries, Max

Kurrawang girls' dormitory

This is a digitised photo that is available as part of a collection of images on the webpage Kurrawang Aboriginal Christian Centre. The photo was taken in 1973-1974 and the caption reads, 'The old Girls Dorm then used as spare accommodation for visitors'.

This webpage is no longer in operation. This URL was taken from the Wayback Machine and is dated 8 March 2016.

1973 - 1974
Jeffries, Max
Published Source
Jeffries, Max, 'Kurrawang Aboriginal Christian Centre', in - Free Photos of Australia, Nature & People, Australian Cities, Aussie Outback & Beach, 2013, Details
Reproduction rights owned by Max Jeffries. Image can be used for private or non-commercial purposes
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