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The 'Homes' Herald, 1978 [Methodist Homes for Children]

The 'Homes' Herald, 1978 [Methodist Homes for Children], December 1978, courtesy of Uniting Church (Synod of Western Australia) Archives.

The 'Homes' Herald, 1978 [Methodist Homes for Children]

The 'Homes' Herald was a newsletter of the Methodist Homes for Children. This is a copy of the December 1978 edition, published under the banner of the Uniting Church Child and Family Care Services. It has a map and a list of all the Homes in the metropolitan area that came under the control of the Uniting Church after the union of the Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational churches in 1977. There is an article about how some children came into care and also news about how some of the Homes are funded. There is some specific information about Terrace House, Sister Kate Clutterbuck and the Mogumber Training Centre. The newsletter appeals for funds, explains how previous support has helped, and lets readers know what more they can do.

December 1978
Archival reference

Vol 2 No 24

Uniting Church (Synod of Western Australia) Archives

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