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Convalescent Home, Busselton (1918 - 1924)

Children's Home, Convalescent Home, Home and Temporary Care

The Convalescent Home, Busselton was established in 1918 to provide treatment to children with muscular issues and infantile paralysis (polio). The Home was located in a 12 bedroom house near Busselton beach, and had capacity for approximately 21 children, though generally had fewer in residence at any given time. It was established and run by a Matron, Mrs O'Connell, who treated children with therapeutic massage, salt water baths, and physical exercise. In 1919 the Matron appealed to the State Children's Department for financial assistance to expand the home, and offered in return to take on state wards who required treatment. However, the Department was opposed to this proposal as the Matron was trained only as a masseuse, and not as a nurse. The Convalescent Home closed around 1924.



1918 - 1924
Location - The Convalescent Home was located near the beach at Busselton. Location: Busselton


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Prepared by: Constance Thurley-Hart