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Western Australia - Archival Collection

Records of the Home of the Good Shepherd Industrial School for Girls (1902 - 1980)


The Records of the Home of the Good Shepherd Industrial School for Girls is an archival collection held by the Good Shepherd Archives in Abbotsford, Victoria.


Access Conditions

Care leavers (and their families) wanting to find information about their time in care, or access personal files can contact Good Shepherd Archives.

All requests for personal information must be accompanied by some form of personal identification such as a copy of your birth certificate or a copy of your current driver's licence. If you are applying for information about another person, their permission is required. If you are applying for information about a person who is deceased, proof of death is required. Proof of your relationship to the deceased person is also required.


The core records in this collection relating to Care Leavers are:

  • Admission and discharge registers 1902 to 1974
  • Individual files c.1965 to 1980
  • Admission registration cards c.1969 to 1980

Supplementary records include:

  • Baptismal records
  • Referral cards 1971 to 1976

The Good Shepherd Archive also has contextual information about the history of the Good Shepherd Sisters in Western Australia, including books, newsclippings collection and photographs of the site and buildings.

Sources used to compile this entry: This entry has been updated with information received from the record holders as part of the Records Access Documentation grants. The source documents are held in the eScholarship Research Centre files at the University of Melbourne.

Prepared by: Cate O'Neill