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Longmore Hostel (1982 - 1985)

Government-run and Hostel

Longmore Hostel was established by the Department for Community Welfare in the grounds of the Longmore Remand and Assessment Centre as a short-term training hostel for up to six young people at one time. In 1985 Longmore Hostel was renamed Collier House.


Longmore Hostel opened in October 1982 within the grounds of the Longmore Remand and Assessment Centre. In September 1983, Longmore Hostel became part of the Longmore Training Centre.

According to the annual report of the Department for Community Welfare, Longmore Hostel ran a short-term training program to help young people from Longmore 're-adapt to community living'. Between October 1982 and June 1983, 35 young people were admitted to Longmore Hostel. As the Longmore Training Centre housed boys, it is likely that only boys were admitted to Longmore Hostel.

From 7 March 1985 the hostel became known as Collier House.


Location - Longmore Hostel was located at Adie Court, Bentley. Location: Bentley


 1982 - 1985 Longmore Hostel
       1985 - 1993? Collier House

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Prepared by: Debra Rosser