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Western Australia - Legislation

Child Welfare Act Amendment Act 1967 (1967 - 2006)

Amending Act

The Child Welfare Act Amendment Act 1967 (No 1967/027) came into effect on 8 March 1968, except for s.23 and s.24, which came into effect on 15 July 1968. It amended the Second Schedule, giving current names to subsidised institutions. Parents were now able to apply to have their children committed to the Department (s.47), reciprocal agreements with other States were enabled (s.66A), and the names of certain 'repeat offenders' aged 16-18 years were permitted to be published (s.126). The Child Welfare Act Amendment Act 1967 was repealed by the Children and Community Services Act 2004.


In the Child Welfare Act Amendment Act 1967, the second schedule was amended to update 'subsidised institutions' (organisations that could receive a government subsidy for eligible children accommodated there): 'The Second Schedule to the principal Act is amended by deleting (a) the item, "Tom Allan Memorial Home for Boys, Werribee.", under the subheading, "Methodist:"; and (b) the subheading, "Presbyterian:" and the item, "Benmore Boys' Home, Caversham.", under that subheading.'



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Prepared by: Debra Rosser