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Western Australia - Archival Collection

Lady Lawley Cottage by the Sea, Records

Lady Lawley Cottage by the Sea, Records is a collection of documents relating to children and to organisational management that dates from the late 1940s to 2000s. The records include client records and registers, Ward reports, admission referral letters and discharge summeries. They are held by the Australian Red Cross Society in Melbourne.


Lady Lawley Cottage by the Sea, Records is a collection includes:

Client registration cards pre-1990
Client records dating back to 1970
Client registers 1988
Admission referral letters 1984-1988
Ward report books 1965 - 1972
Ward reports 1963-1970
Ward reports 1974-1976 and 1983
Patient discharge summaries 1977-1978
Board reports 1977 - 1983
Board minutes 1962 - 1981
General correspondence relating to funding etc 2002 - 2009
Historical archives - letters and minutes 1949 - 1983

Access Conditions

Contact the Privacy Officer to apply for access to records about someone who spent time in a Red Cross children's Home.

All applications are treated as requests for access to personal information under the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988.

Sources used to compile this entry: Australian Red Cross Society, internal documents LEXD 1857 received by email 10 and 30 April 2014.

Prepared by: Debra Rosser