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Kalgoorlie Group Home, Graeme Street (1993? - )

Government-run and Home

Kalgoorlie Group Home, Graeme Street continued what had been the government-run Kalgoorlie Hostel from around 1993. It has been used by child welfare authorities for short to medium term accommodation for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children aged from birth to over 18 years, some of whom have been involved in the youth justice system. It remained open as a government-run group home in 2014.


Government reports in 1995 (Signposts, 2004, p.255) described the Kalgoorlie Group Home, Graeme Street, writing that sixty percent of the children admitted were on remand. The children faced significantly difficult issues in their lives, including petrol-sniffing. The building at Graeme Street was criticised for having bedrooms arranged around a quadrangle and separated from the living and dining areas and as being unsuitable for the diversity of children accommodated. In the 1993-1994 year, 71 children were admitted. Their ages ranged from less than one year to over 18. Staff reporting on the group home in 1995 said that the children often came from 'volatile' family homes, and there was a great variety in the types of issues children, and staff, had to deal with.

The Kalgoorlie Group Home, Graeme Street, remained open in 2014.


Location - Kalgoorlie Group Home, Graeme Street was located in Graeme Street, Kalgoorlie. Location: Kalgoorlie


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Sources used to compile this entry: Department for Child Protection and Family Support, internal document 'Country Residential Group Homes - All Items' received by email 7 March 2014.

Prepared by: Debra Rosser