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Darlington Cottage (1974 - 1977)

Family Group Home, Government-run and Home
Alternative Names
  • Darlington Hostel (also known as)

Darlington Cottage was established in 1974 as a government-run group home for up to 10 school-age boys whom authorities believed would not be able to settle into foster care. In 1977, Darlington became part of the Hillston detention centre program.


According to government reports (Signposts 2004, pp.183-184), Darlington Cottage was a large house, able to accommodate up to 10 boys at one time. The boys went to school locally. In 1975, authorities (p.184), gave an insight into what they hoped to achieve by placing boys at Darlington, which was 'mainly for boys who can cope with a normal school curriculum but this is not a necessary criterion providing the individual has a degree of motivation to attend school and the school is able to provide a course of studies suitable to the boy's needs…The establishment of this cottage has allowed for boys resident there to become totally involved in the community and to develop social competence.'

By 1977, Darlington Cottage had become part of the Hillston detention centre program and developed a strong relationship to youth justice-related accommodation.


1974 - 1977
Location - Darlington Cottage was located in the hills suburb of Darlington. Location: Darlington


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Sources used to compile this entry: State Records Office of Western Australia, Wards - Director's Approval to Transfer from one Institution to Another and Amend Training, Reference Code AU WA S1099- cons2607 A0191 V4 (p.243) - page numbers refer to PDF page number in digital file held by the Department of Communities (Child Protection and Family Support) in 2017.

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