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Mirrabooka House (1987 - 1998)

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Mirrabooka House was run by the Salvation Army in the Perth suburb of Mirrabooka from 1987. From around that time, boys resident in the Salvation Army Home in Withnell House, Mt Lawley, moved to Mirrabooka. It mostly accommodated boys aged 15 to 17 while they studied or worked, with the purpose to help young people make the transition to 'independent living'. In 1998 Mirrabooka House became Oasis House.


In 1990, an article in the Salvation Army's newspaper, War Cry reported that the purpose of Mirrabooka House was to provide life skills for up to eight young people of working age who were homeless, and to help them access employment and training programs. It was run by Crossroads west, with a staff of youth workers.

In 1995, Mirrabooka House was described as accommodating young people aged 15-18 years.


1987 - 1998
Location - Mirrabooka House was located at Mirrabooka. Location: Mirrabooka


 1984? - 1987? Withnell House
       1987 - 1998 Mirrabooka House

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Newspaper Articles

  • 'Hollywood: Substitute Care for Children in Crisis', The War Cry, 6 January 1990. Details

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