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Western Australia - Archival Series

Wanslea - History (c. 1940 - c. 1970)

Wanslea Family Services

c. 1940
c. 1970
Reference No
Series 09
Legal Status
Wanslea Family Services Series Number

Wanslea - History is an archival series containing general files and information about Wanslea Family Services such as press clippings, newsletters, etc.


The records in this Archival Series were collected by Wanslea Family Services staff.

There are three lever arch files, one labelled 1 of 3, one labelled 2 of 3 and one labelled 3 of 3 holding records grouped roughly by decades including the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, etc.

There are lots of reports on Florence Hummerston and the history of Wanslea Family Services in this Archival series, as well as a few named photographs of children. Also included are notes/minutes from the Perth Area Committee Land Army Welfare Fund.

The condition of the records in this Archival Series is described as 'fair' and 'used' by Wanslea Family Services.

Access Conditions

This Archival Series is classified as 'Open' by Wanslea Family Services. This means anybody is free to access these files as they contain no personal or private information.

Prepared by: Margaret Pember and Elizabeth Daniels