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Western Australia - Archival Series

Tardun Documentation (1943 - 1955)

Christian Brothers, Western Australia

Reference No
Series 09
Legal Status
Christian Brothers Oceania Province Archive Series Number

This Archival Series is made up of 16 Archival Folders from the Christian Brothers containing Personal documentation and lists pertaining to students from Tardun.
Scans / Originals of some records in this Archival Series may be available to people who experienced 'care' at Tardun and their families, where the identity of individuals is provided.


Access Conditions

To protect the privacy of individuals, people who experienced 'care' (and their families) at Tardun and wish to get access to scanned copies of these records must provide proof of identity or proof of their relationship to a person who experienced 'care' at Tardun.
Original documents may be given to people who experienced 'care' at Tardun (and their families) if the documents are available and pertain to a single individual.

Prepared by: Elizabeth Daniels