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Western Australia - Archival Series

Supplementary Admission Documents (1938 - 1979)

Christian Brothers, Western Australia

Reference No
Series 03
Legal Status
Christian Brothers Oceania Province Archive Series Number

This Archival Series contains records from the Christian Brothers, more specifically it includes additional admission documents. There is already a Archival Series called 'Admission Registers'. This Archival series has extra information. It is made up of 3 albums and 1 archival folder.


Access Conditions

People (and their relations) who spent time in 'care' with the Christian Brothers will generally be able to access or obtain a copy of records relating to their (or their relations) time in 'care'. To protect the privacy of people who spent time in 'care' the Christian Brothers may request proof of identity or relation in some circumstances before access to records or copies of records will be provided. In some cases original documents will be made available.

Prepared by: Elizabeth Daniels