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Bureau for Disability Services (1991 - c. 1993)

c. 1993
Government Agency

The Bureau for Disability Services ('the Bureau') was established in 1991, reporting to the Minister for Community Services and Disability Services. The Bureau oversaw the provision of State funding for services provided by non government organisations to people with physical disabilities. It also had a broad policy and development role such as providing the framework for State and Local government authorities' Disability Access and Inclusion Plans. After 1993, the Bureau and the Authority for Intellectually Handicapped Persons were dismantled and their functions were brought into the Disability Services Commission. The Bureau did not deliver out of home care.


 1991 - c. 1993 Bureau for Disability Services
       1993 - Disability Services Commission

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Sources used to compile this entry: 'Western Australian Government Gazette No. 120', in Western Australian Government Gazette Online Archive, State Law Publisher of Western Australia, 26 September 1991,$FILE/Gg1991_020.pdf.

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