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Hardie House, South Hedland (1964? - 1990?)

Government-run, Home and Hostel
Alternative Names
  • Port Hedland High School Hostel (also known as)

Hardie House was established around 1964 in South Hedland. It was a hostel to accommodate children attending the Port Hedland High School that opened around that time. Hardie House was operating in the 1980s, by which time it was managed by Goldsworthy Mining, but it is uncertain when it closed.


Hardie House, also known as the Port Hedland Hostel, was mentioned in testimony given to the Special Inquiry into St Andrew's Hostel, Katanning by a person who was Warden there in the early 1980s and who later became an executive officer with the Country High School Hostels Authority. This testimony referred to the Hostel being 'taken over' by Goldsworthy Mining during the 1980s and also to an allegation of sexual abuse against a supervisor at the hostel in 1985.


1964? - 1990?
Location - Hardie House was located in South Hedland. Location: South Hedland

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