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Child Migrant Support Fund (1999 - 2002?)


The Child Migrant Support Fund was established by the British Government as a result of its Inquiry into the Welfare of Former British Child Migrants. The purpose of the Fund was to help reunite people who had been sent to Australia as child migrants with their family of origin in the UK. The Fund was designed to run from April 1999 to March 2002. It was administered in Australia by the International Social Service (ISS), from a branch in Melbourne.


People had to apply for the Child Migrant Support Fund. The eligibility criteria included:

  • British former child migrants only (not Maltese)
  • Proof that the applicant had a parent, aunt/uncle or sibling living in the UK who 'would welcome' a visit from the applicant
  • This would be the first time the applicant would have met the 'nominated relative'
  • The applicant would need to meet a means test ('a person on a full Australian pension would normally qualify'.

The Fund provided a return travel costs to the UK, accommodation for 14 days and 'up to three hours of formal counselling' after the trip 'if required'. The average reported cost per person was $4,500.

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Sources used to compile this entry: Parliament of Australia Senate, Lost Innocents: Righting the Record Report on Child Migration, Community Affairs References Committee, Senate Printing Unit, Canberra, 2001, p.179..

Prepared by: Debra Rosser