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Western Australia - Archival Series

Files - Department of Aborigines and Fisheries (1909 - 1920)

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Files - Department of Aborigines and Fisheries contains both inward and outward correspondence of the Department, filed by subject. Subjects the files deal with include missions, children's homes, institutions, the removal of children from families and communities, lock hospitals, movement and employment of Aboriginal people, requests for permission for marriage, contracts and permits, exemptions from the Aborigines Act, reserves, cattle stations, and relief and inspection, as well as matters to do with fisheries and fauna. Some of these files relate to individuals and families, and include their names within the titles.


Access Conditions

The majority of the records in this series are open access. Open access records can be ordered from SROWA by any member of the public. A small number of records in this series have restricted access. Individuals will need to apply to the Aboriginal History Research Services in order to access restricted records.


A number of records in this series relate to missions, children's Homes, and the removal of children from families and communities. They include reports on missions and Homes, records regarding the removal, placement, and transfers of children, staff matters, rationing, financial records, investigations into the deaths of children in 'care', and general correspondence. Many of the records include the names of individuals or families in their titles.

The below document contains a list of items in this series that may be of relevance to Care Leavers. The items are arranged by the Home/Institution or theme that they refer to.

Series 1644 Files - Department of Aborigines and Fisheries: List of items

Prepared by: Debra Rosser & Constance Thurley-Hart