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Western Australia - Archival Item

Interview with Phyllis Mippy (1995)

State Library of Western Australia

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'Interview with Phyllis Mippy' is an oral history interview from 1995 that is held at the State Library of Western Australia. In the interview Phyllis discusses her childhood growing up at Moore River Native Settlement, she also mentions staff members and other residents of the mission.


Access Conditions

Open. This oral history interview is available to hear and the transcript can be viewed at the State Library of Western Australia.


[From the State Library of Western Australia]

Phyllis Mippy reflects on her time at Moore River, and starts the interview with a description of Sister Newman, who she remembers as being a good person. Her views on Sister Eileen are also positive, and she talks about cleaning the chapel for her, every afternoon after school. She last saw Eileen when the book, 'Sort of a place like home' was published. Everyday life at the mission is described and she recalls Sister Eileen saying prayers before bed, and the girls escaping for a run around the bush and getting up to other tricks. She discusses some administrators at the mission, some of whom were very strict, and over fond of using the big cat-o-nine tails. Friction amongst the girls used to occur, over boyfriends. She also recalls meeting Ned Mippy at Moore River and marrying him in the old church there. Many staff members and residents of the mission are mentioned.

Prepared by: Debra Rosser