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Western Australia - Organisation

Ministry of Education (1988 - 1994)

State of Western Australia

1 July 1988
1 January 1994
Government Department

The Ministry of Education was created in 1988 following a review of the State's education system, replacing the Education Department (1893-1988) and continuing to have an influence on, and create records relevant to, children in out of home care in Western Australia.


 1893 - 1988 Education Department [Western Australia]
       1988 - 1994 Ministry of Education
             1994 - 2003 Education Department of Western Australia
                   2003 - Department of Education and Training


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Sources used to compile this entry: 'AU WA A13 - Ministry of Education', in State Records Office of Western Australia - Organisations & People, State Records Office of Western Australia, 2015,

Prepared by: Debra Rosser