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Fairbridge Society, Records [United Kingdom] (1908 - c. 2007)

  • Information Sheet 14 [Fairbridge Archive, UK]

    Information Sheet 14 [Fairbridge Archive, UK], September 2010, courtesy of Special Collections and Archives, University of Liverpool Library.

c. 2007
Alternative Names
  • Fairbridge Society Archive (also known as)

The Fairbridge Society in Britain held personal and institutional records that may interest people who were placed as children at Fairbridge Farm School, Pinjarra. These records are now managed by The Prince's Trust, which is a British charitable organisation that merged with Fairbridge in 2011. A 'finding aid' has been developed to describe the items that are held in the collection, which also includes academic books and personal recollections. The finding aid is called Information Sheet 14 [Fairbrige Archive, UK].


Access Conditions

Access to these records is restricted by UK data protection laws. You are very welcome to enquire to The Prince's Trust, which controls access to the records.


The Fairbridge archive collection in the United Kingdom includes academic books and papers and personal recollections, various records relating to the establishment and administration of the Fairbridge Society and also:

  • Children's Records, including case files (1912-1982), after-care reports (1912-1970s), progress and enquiry registers and recruitment officers' correspondence (1971-1982), and indexes (1912-1981)
  • Photographs (1912-1982) and audio-visual material (1953-1982) that was used for publicity and fundraising
  • Records relating specifically to Fairbridge Farm, Pinjarra (1920-1981)
  • Old Fairbridgians publications (1918-1980s), personal recollections (1980s) and Old Fairbridgians Association records (1934-1962)
  • Publications, including annual reports (1910-1999) and general material on the Fairbridge Society (1913-1973) and Kingsley Fairbridge (1912-1983)
  • Emigration information, including policies, procedures and operational matters (1914-1976).


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Information Sheet 14 [Fairbridge Archive, UK]
Information Sheet 14 [Fairbridge Archive, UK]
September 2010
Special Collections and Archives, University of Liverpool Library


Prepared by: Debra Rosser