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Western Australia - Archival Collection

Papers, 1912-1965 [Irene Stahl, Boarding Out Committee Victoria Park] (1933 - 1965)

Reference No
MN 2315
Legal Status
State Library of Western Australia Call Number

The Battye Library's Private Archives Collection contains a collection of papers from Mrs Irene May Stahl, who, from 1933, was a member of the Child Welfare Department's Boarding Out Committee for the Victoria Park district. This collection is identified by the manuscript number MN 2315. Names of children who were 'boarded out' (placed in care) in the Victoria Park and Carlisle areas are held in this collection, along with correspondence and information about activities of the Boarding Out Committee.


The Battye Library has created finding aids (known as Manuscript Notes or MNs) to assist people to access information in this collection. The finding aid MN 2315 shows that the following information about the activities of the Victoria Park Boarding Out Committee is held in the Irene May Stahl collection of papers:

  • Correspondence 1933-1941 (call number 6153/A)
  • Invitations to meetings, picnics and fete 1938-1965 (at call number 6153A/7)
  • Lists of children to be visited in the Victoria Park and Carlisle district (at call number 6153A/8)
  • Programs for Boarding Out Committee Christmas parties 1934-1941 (at call number 6153A/9)
  • Receipts (Child Welfare Department Form 60) advising Mrs Stahl about the movement of children in her district 1938-1942 (at call number 6153A/10)
  • Rules of the Boarding Out Committee (at call number 6153A/11).

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Prepared by: Debra Rosser