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Western Australia - Archival Series

Uniting Church Archives Children's Homes Database, Western Australia (1922? - 1980s)

Records Holder

The Uniting Church Archives Children's Homes Database, Western Australia is an access database that holds information about children who were in Methodist, Presbyterian or Uniting Church Children's Homes between 1922 and the 1980s. The information in the database was collated from the Uniting Church restricted collection in the Battye Library's Private Archives. The database does not have a complete 'set' of information for each child, and it may not identify all children who were in the Homes.


Access Conditions

Access to these records is restricted to protect the privacy of individuals. You are very welcome to enquire.


The main type of information may include:

  • Child's names
  • Date of birth
  • Parents' or guardians' names
  • Admission and discharge dates
  • Place of residence (name of Children's Home)
  • Notes, which may give other information about the child and/or the accession number for the Battye Library restricted file(s) that relate to that child

Prepared by: Debra Rosser