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Removal of Children from Unmarried Mothers - Apology by the Parliament of Western Australia (19 October 2010)

19 October 2010
19 October 2010

The Parliament of Western Australia formally apologised for the 'Removal of Children from Unmarried Mothers' in 2010. It was the first Australian parliament to do so. The Parliament, on behalf of previous governments, apologised to 'the mothers, their children and the families who were adversely affected by these past adoption practices'.

The apology was heard by a large number of those mothers and families in the public gallery.



  • Elphick, Ron J and Glennis Dees, The adoption jigsaw : an account of the compassionate understanding and support given to those whose lives were affected by past adoption practices and of the 20 year struggle in Western Australia to break the conspiracy of silence surrounding adoption by changing attitudes, customs, laws and practices, 1978-1998., R. Elphick, Perth, 2000. Details

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Sources used to compile this entry: 'Removal of Children from Unmarried Mothers - Apology [Hansard p7881a-7889a]', in, Parliament of Western Australia, 19 October 2010,$FILE/A38%20S1%2020101019%20p7881a-7889a.pdf.

Prepared by: Debra Rosser