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Past Adoption Information and Services (1994? - )

Child Protection and Family Support

Adoption Information Service, Government Agency, Records Access Service and Records Holder

Past Adoption Information and Services is a section of Child Protection and Family Support within the Department of Communities. Its purpose is to ensure that people who are legally able to do so can gain access to adoption records.


The publication ROADS - An index of locations and access to adoption records shows that the following types of records are held by the DCP:

  • Names of adoption applicants
  • Names of birth parents
  • Consents and revocations (withdrawal of consent) to adoption
  • Placements of children awaiting adoption
  • Adoption contact register
  • List of adoption orders granted by the Supreme Court and Family Court
  • Names of children at birth and after adoption
  • Birth registration details

Access to these records is restricted and confidentiality is protected by the DCP's Protocols for Access. If you believe the DCP may hold records about you, or about a family member, you are encouraged to apply. The DCP has an application form which you must use to apply for records. It is called 'Application for Past Adoption Services'. To get this form or to find out how to apply, please click on the website link on this page, or speak with someone in the Past Adoption Information and Services office.

Adoptions have been possible in Western Australia since 1896. The legislation has changed over the years and historically adoptions could be arranged either by the Department or privately through solicitors.

The Adoption Act 1994 acknowledges the importance of information for people involved in the adoption and their relatives. Access to information has improved, particularly for adopted people and birth parents. The type of information that can be obtained will depend upon who is applying for the information and when the adoption occurred.

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Prepared by: Debra Rosser