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Western Australia - Archival Series

School Journals [Burnbrae Glen School] (1941 - 1958)

  • Burnbrae School Journal

    Burnbrae School Journal, 1956 - 1958, courtesy of State Records Office of Western Australia.

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AU WA S3615
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State Records Office of Western Australia Reference code

School Journals are the Head Teacher's record of events and activities at Burnbrae Glen School. Children who were in 'care' at Burnbrae Presbyterian Children's Home mostly went to the local school, so these journals may give useful information about memorable events in their daily life.


The Education Department of Western Australia issued journals to the school. In a label inside the book, there were instructions about how to use the journal. Only the Inspectors of the Education Department and the Head Teacher or 'his' assistant were allowed to write in the journal. Regulation 95 of the Education Regulations (1928) said that the school journal should record: causes of low attendance; absence of teachers; results of test examinations; and reasons for departure from the timetable. After the Education Act of 1949 came into effect, Regulation 92 allowed 'comments' about test examinations to be recorded. In practice, Head Teachers had often made comments about tests before that regulation. From 1949, the school journal was also called 'Superintendent's Book or Head Teacher's Suggestion Book or School Journal'.

Quantity: There are three volumes in this series but only two volumes have information about Burnbrae Presbyterian Children's Home.

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  • Burnbrae Presbyterian Children's Home (1938 - 1956)

    The School Journal [Burnbrae Glen, Byford] has information about the school-related activities undertaken by children at Burnbrae Presbyterian Children's Home. People who were in Burnbrae may remember some of the events summarised here, from remarks recorded in the journal.

    Date: 1941 - 1956


Burnbrae School Journal
Burnbrae School Journal
1956 - 1958
State Records Office of Western Australia


Prepared by: Debra Rosser