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Western Australia - Archival Collection

Anglicare WA, records (1976 - )


Anglicare WA, records is a collection of records and historical information that may be relevant to people who were placed in residential programs run by Anglicare including: Anglicare Emergency Foster Scheme; Anglicare Fostering Futures; Anglicare Homesharers; Anglicare Youth House; Armadale Youth Accommodation Service; Chesterfield House and Rockingham Youth External Accommodation Project; and Yes! Housing.


Anglicare Health and Welfare Services was established in 1974, and was replaced in 2003 by Anglicare WA. It has been involved in out of home 'care' for children and young people, through their residential and fostercare placement programs. There may be client registers, case files, referrals and fostercarer files available.

Access Conditions

Access to these records is restricted to protect the privacy of individuals. You are very welcome to enquire.

Prepared by: Debra Rosser