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Fremantle Community Youth Services (1977 - ?)

Adolescent Care, Care Provider, Home, Temporary Care and Youth Welfare Service
Alternative Names
  • Fremantle Youth Accomodation (later known as)
  • Fremantle Youth House (also known as)
  • FRESH (acronym)
  • FYSH (acronym)

Fremantle Community Youth Services began in 1977 in a three-bedroom home offering short to medium term accommodation to young people. In 2001 the service offered medium and long term housing to approximately 36 young people, some of whom have families, in up to 26 units.


Fremantle Community Youth Services is described in the Western Australian guide Signposts as a 3-bedroom house owned by the Fremantle City Council. In the early and mid-1980's, the service was targeted to 15-18 year old males and females who were not yet able to live independently, and provided short to medium term accommodation. There was back-up social worker support for young people with particular difficulties.

In 2001 the Fremantle Community Youth Services - Accommodation provided services for young people and young families with the South West Metropolitan Zone of Family and Children's Services, and in particular within the City of Fremantle. The service externally supported approximately 36 young people, some of whom have families, in up to 26 housing units of medium and long term accommodation. The service was co-located with a number of other youth services which operate from 7 Quarry Street, Fremantle. (Service Agreement with the Department for Community Development).


Location - Fremantle Community Youth Services was located in Fremantle. Location: Fremantle
2001 -
Address - Fremantle Community Youth Services was located at 7 Quarry Street, Fremantle. Location: Fremantle


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