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Sisters of St John of God (1895 - )

Care Provider, Catholic, Records Access Service, Records Holder and Religious Order

The Sisters of St John of God are a Catholic religious congregation. From 1895, the Sisters have been involved in running schools, hospitals and children's homes in Western Australia.


The Sisters of St John of God first arrived in Perth in 1895, at the request of Bishop Matthew Gibney. They set up a convent and hospital in Adelaide Terrace, Perth. In later years, the Sisters of St John of God were active in the Kimberleys. The Sisters ran schools at the Beagle Bay Mission (1907-1970s), Lombadina Mission (?1917-1970s) and the Wirrumanu (Balgo Hills) Mission (1956-1962). They also ran the Holy Child Orphanage at Broome (1941-1961) and the Yaandina Family Centre at Roebourne (1974-1995?). The Sisters worked at Bidyadanga (1957-1960?) and established and ran St John of God hospitals in Subiaco, Bunbury, Geraldton and Northam.

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A big photo album: the archive of the Sisters of St John of God
A big photo album: the archive of the Sisters of St John of God
24 December 2010
Ben Collins, ABC Kimberley


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