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Orphanages' Committee (1889 - 1939)

Anglican and Care Provider

The Orphanages' Committee was the body formed to replace The Committee (1868-1888) to govern Anglican orphanages and children's homes in Perth. The Orphanages' Committee was replaced by the Anglican Orphanages Board of Management (1940-1954).


The close ties between the Anglican Diocese of Perth, the Orphanages' Committee and other the boards and committees of Anglican children's homes and orphanages are summarised in Noisy Mansions (1986) by Roy Peterkin on pages 210-214.


 1868 - 1888 The Committee
       1889 - 1939 Orphanages' Committee
             1940 - 1954 Anglican Orphanages Board of Management
                   1955 - 1970 The Anglican Homes Board
                         1971 The Anglican Homes Board: Swanleigh Council
                               1972 - 2010 Swanleigh Council

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  • Peterkin, A. Roy, The Noisy Mansions : the story of Swanleigh 1868-1971, Perth Diocesan Trustees, Anglican Church of Australia, Midland, Western Australia, 1986. pp.18, 59, 128-129, 148-149, 151-152,166, 188-193. Details

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Sources used to compile this entry: Email from Diocesan Archivist, Anglican Diocese of Perth, 30 July 2014.

Prepared by: Debra Rosser