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Rangevue Hostel (1969 - 1973?)

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Rangevue Hostel was established by the Presbyterian Church in 1969 in Mount Lawley, as hostel for female Aboriginal students attending the Mt Lawley High School and business colleges in Perth. It operated until at least 1973, possibly closing by the end of that year.


Rangevue Hostel was established by the Presbyterian Church in 1969, with a grant-in-aid of $32,000 from the Department of Native Welfare, as an education hostel for Aboriginal students attending high school and business college in Perth. In 1971, Rangevue was described as being developed to accommodate boys and girls but only one boy had ever been admitted and had stayed for only a short time.

The first students were admitted in January 1969 and Rangevue was officially opened by the Minister for Native Welfare in June of that year.

In 1972, the Aboriginal Education and Employment Hostels that had been developed under the auspices of the Department for Native Welfare became the responsibility of the Department for Community Welfare. In the DCW's 1973 annual report, the Rangevue Hostel is listed as a facility in Mt Lawley, run by an organisation under agreement with the DCW. There is no mention of Rangevue in DCW's 1974 list of such facilities, so it is likely that Rangevue closed within that year.


1969 - 1973?
Location - Rangevue was located in Mount Lawley. Location: Mount Lawley

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