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Pineview (1980s)

Alternative Names
  • Pineview Program (also known as)

Pineview was the name given to the long stay Pineview Program for teenage girls within the government-run Nyandi Maximum Security unit in Bentley.


A description of the Pineview program was given in the Department for Community Welfare's annual report in 1984 (quoted in Signposts 2004, p.427): 'the most difficult offenders referred to Nyandi take part in the long stay Pineview Programme. Following her release from Pineview, a girl was evaluated for 180 days in the community. This "opportunity time" gave the girls a chance to change their behaviours to avoid re-admission. One third of those girls discharged from Pineview in 1984 committed no further offences during that opportunity time'.


Location - Pineview was a program run in the Nyandi Maximum Security unit in Bentley. Location: Bentley

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  • Nyandi (1970 - 1997)

    Pineview was the name of Nyandi's secure unit, and was also the name of the program of 'treatment' offered to young women who were accommodated there.

    Date: 1970 - 1980s


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