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Glendalough Cottage (1990 - ?)

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Glendalough Cottage was a group Home established in 1990 by Centrecare Children's Cottages (later called Djooraminda) to accommodate Aboriginal children in a family-type Home in the Perth metropolitan area. Children and young people aged up to 15 years were admitted, often in sibling groups, either referred by the department responsible for child welfare, or as private admissions.


Glendalough Cottage was established by Centrecare Children's Cottages in 1990, in the Perth suburb of Glendalough. The agency had for some time believed there was a need for children and young people to have a metropolitan accommodation alternative, for children returning from the country cottages (Beverley, Brookton and Northam) and for teenagers from Perth.

Glendalough Cottage admitted 'a mixed population' of Aboriginal children and young people. Glendalough Cottage was run by Djooraminda from August 1992 after the change of name from Centrecare Children's Cottages.


Location - Glendalough Cottage was located in Glendalough. Location: Glendalough

Related Organisations

  • Northam Cottage (1979 - ?)

    Children and young people may have been transferred from Northam Cottage to Glendalough Cottage.

    Date: 1990 - ?


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