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Fremantle Cottage (1978? - )

  • Fremantle Cottage

    Fremantle Cottage, 1980 - 2014, courtesy of Parkerville Children and Youth Care Inc.

Anglican, Cottage Home, Home and Protestant
Alternative Names
  • Whitegum Cottage (also known as)

Fremantle Cottage was established around 1978 in White Gum Valley by Parkerville Children's Home to provide short to medium-term accommodation for boys and girls in a home-like setting. It remained open in 2014.


Parkerville Children's Home established Fremantle Cottage in the southern Perth suburb of White Gum Valley from 1978, with a mission grant in aid to assist in the construction. This suggests that Aboriginal children were placed at Fremantle Cottage. The Parkerville Children's Home had accommodated children since 1903 on its property in the hills east of Perth, so this was a venture at some considerable distance from the main site.

A description from government reports in 1987 (Signposts 2004, p.214) show that Fremantle Cottage was staffed by live-in cottage parents and the intention was to provide temporary accomodation and 'care' for children until they were able to return home to their own relatives, to move out to independent living (in the case of older children) or to be found a more permanent placement, such as adoption.

Fremantle Cottage remained open in 2014.


1978? -
Location - Fremantle Cottage was located in White Gum Valley, Fremantle. Location: Fremantle


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Fremantle Cottage
Fremantle Cottage
1980 - 2014
Parkerville Children and Youth Care Inc


Sources used to compile this entry: Information Services, Department for Community Development, 'pp.214-215', Signposts: A Guide for Children and Young People in Care in WA from 1920, Government of Western Australia, 2004,; Email from Basil Hanna, CEO Parkerville Children and Youth Care Inc. on 9 May 2014.

Prepared by: Anna Trengove, Leanne Howard and Debra Rosser