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Catherine House, Broome (1975 - 1991?)

  • Catherine House, Broome

    Catherine House, Broome, 1975, courtesy of State Records Office of Western Australia.

Care Provider, Children's Home, Home and Temporary Care
Alternative Names
  • Katherine Hostel (also known as)

Catherine House, Broome, opened in December 1975 to provide accommodation for Aboriginal children. It replaced the Aboriginal Girls' Hostel, and was managed by the same two staff members as the Hostel. Catherine House was run by an independent management committee, but financed by the Department of Community Welfare. It could accommodate up to eight children from pre-primary to primary school age. Some, but not all, children were wards of the State. It is not known when Catherine House's residential facility closed, though it had probably closed by 1991. From 1991, the building was used as a non-residential placement and support centre by the child welfare authorities.


Catherine House primarily provided short-term care for children, although in some cases children lived at the Home for several years. Many children accommodated at Catherine House were placed there by the Department of Community Welfare, but private placements were also made, providing approval had been given by the Department first. The Home was licenced to provide accommodation for a maximum of 8 children at a time, however there was an additional bed set aside for mothers requiring temporary accommodation with their children. Mothers were expected to pay a fee for their stay if able, but could instead work at the home in exchange for their board if necessary.


1975 - 1991?
Location - Catherine House was located on the corner of Dickson Drive and Frewer Avenue, Broome. Location: Broome


 1970 - 1975 Aboriginal Girls' Hostel
       1975 - 1991? Catherine House, Broome

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  • Weller, Helen [editor] with assistance from Roy Hamilton and John Harper, Sister Michael Kelly, vol. 2, Access Press, Northbridge, W.A., 1994. Details

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Catherine House, Broome
Catherine House, Broome
State Records Office of Western Australia


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Prepared by: Debra Rosser & Constance Thurley-Hart