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Western Australia - Archival Collection

Records of Heathcote Mental Hospital (1929 - 1994)

Reference No
S593; S1758; S1759; S1760; S1761; S1769

The State Records Office of Western Australia holds a collection of records created by Heathcote Mental Hospital. This collection includes records about patients, primarily admission and discharge registers, as well as more general administrative records. The majority of the records within this collection date from the 1970s to the closure of Heathcote in 1994, however some are earlier in date.



The majority of records within this collection are Restricted for 100 years from their date of creation in order to protect personal information. Please contact the Freedom of Information Coordinator, Department of Health for permission to access these records.

Some records within this collection are open access. For access to these records please contact the State Records Office of Western Australia.


The records of Heathcote Mental Hospital held by the State Records Office of WA include:

  • Informal Register - Patients, 1942-1953 - This register contains patient name, admission number, and date of admission for patients admitted to Heathcote Mental Hospital. SROWA reference number S593
  • Register - Patient admissions, 1929-1994 - These registers contain patient name, date of admission, and name of referred person for patients admitted to Heathcote Mental Hospital. SROWA reference number S1758.
  • Register - Final Discharges, 1970-1986. SROWA reference number S1759
  • Register - Team Meetings, 1988-1990. SROWA reference number S1760
  • Register - Post Discharge Telephone Calls, 1989-1993. SROWA reference number S1761.
  • Files - Administration, 1988-1994. This series contains files relating to administration of Heathcote Mental Hospital, particularly relating to the buildings, grounds, and patient administration. Some of these records are open access. SROWA reference number S1769

Prepared by: Constance Thurley-Hart