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Council Tuesday 16 August 1966 [Hansard p326-327]
Hansard Archive 1870 to 1995
Parliament of Western Australia, 16 August 1966

'Council Tuesday 16 August 1966' is an excerpt from the digital copies of the Parliamentary Debates (Hansard) of the Legislative Council of the Western Australian Parliament. This excerpt documents the new mental health services that were planned for children with intellectual disabilities in Western Australia, and outlines the very poor conditions at the Claremont Hospital. It starts with remarks by the Hon. RF Hutchison at paragraph 5, p.326 and finishes at p.327.


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  • Ellis, A.S., Eloquent Testimony : the Story of the Mental Health Services in Western Australia, 1830-1975, University of Western Australia Press, Nedlands, Western Australia, 1984. Details