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Bill - Education Act Amendment Second Reading [Hansard p1663-1664]
Hansard Archive 1870 to 1995
Parliament of Western Australia, 29 October 1952

See pages 1663-1664 of the excerpt. 'Bill - Education Act Amendment Second Reading' is an excerpt from the digital copies of the Parliamentary Debates (Hansard) of the Legislative Council of the Western Australian Parliament. The second reading gives insight into the purpose of the Bill, how it was developed and what the government hoped to achieve from the legislation. This excerpt continues a previous debate on 28 October 1952 and repeated the themes from the second reading in the Legislative Assembly in September. In the Council debate, the Hon. NE Baxter asked why, and how, parents were to notify the Minister for Education that their three year old child had a disability when other children in the State started school at age six. Baxter sought also to simplify the language in this clause and make it less punitive and legalistic. His suggested amendments were incorporated into the Act.