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Annual Report of the Roman Catholic Orphanages for 1884-85
Government Printer, Perth, 1885

Western Australia Votes and Proceedings 1885, Paper No. 28. This report by the manager of the Catholic orphanages, Fr Matthew Gibney, was written for the Colonial Secretary and is published in the Votes and Proceedings of the Parliament in Western Australia. It documents the number of children in the Catholic Boys' and Girls' Orphanages during the year 1884-85, including where they went on leaving - boys 'to situations' (placed in work) or 'bound to trades' (apprenticed) and the girls to positions as domestic servants. The numbers and type of staff employed were noted. The report also mentions the children's health, schooling and other activities such as working around the orphanage. Children in the orphanages included 'private children' as well as those who received a government subsidy (on the 'Government List').


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