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The children's council in session, Orana, Burwood

The children's council in session, "Orana", Burwood, 1959

The children's council in session, "Orana", Burwood

This is a copy of an image which was published in Superintendent Mathieson's PhD thesis. The 'Children's Council' was an increasingly common feature of children's homes by the 1950s. The Children's Council was a forum for children and staff to work together and to discuss matters related to children's interests. In his PhD thesis, Mathieson (Superintendent of Orana) contended that a policy of giving children a say 'holds promise of more adequate opportunity for good and positive relationships between staff and children and among the children' (p.643).


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  • Mathieson, JKW, 'The institutional care of the dependent child', PhD thesis, The University of Melbourne, 1959. Details