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Victoria - Organisation

Uniting Heritage Service (2016 - )

Adoption Information Service and Records Access Service

The Uniting Heritage Service supports people who spent some or all of their childhood in out-of-home care services provided by the Uniting Church in Victoria, and their families. From June 2020, the Uniting Heritage Service also assists people affected by adoption that were facilitated by predecessor organisations of Uniting (Victoria and Tasmania) Limited. The Service provides access to records, photographs, historical material and other documents that date from 1890 to the recent past for the Uniting Church agencies - which are now part of Uniting (Victoria and Tasmania) Limited - and their predecessor services which were run by the Methodist, Presbyterian and Uniting Churches. It also provides family searching services.


The Uniting Heritage Service is a free service that helps individuals access information about their or a family member's time in care, as well as access appropriate support should they choose. Past residents and people affected by adoption, or their family members are encouraged to get in contact.

Prepared by: Nicola Laurent