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Victoria - Legislation

Health Act 1890 (1890 - 1915)

Principal Act

The Health Act 1890 (54 Victoria, No. 1098) was 'An Act to consolidate the Law relating to Public Health'. It was passed on 10 July 1890 and came into operation on 1 August 1890. The Act consisted of 12 Parts, dealing with a range of public health issues, such as health authorities; by-laws and regulations; food hygiene; lodging and dwelling houses; infant life protection; infections, diseases and quarantine; vaccinations; nuisances eg water pollution; the enforcement of the Act; and legal proceedings.


The Health Act 1890 repealed The Public Health Statute 1865 (28 Vict. No. 264), The Compulsory Vaccination Act 1878 (38 Vict. No. 501), The Conservation of Public Health Act 1878 (42 Vict. No. 631), The Public Health Amendment Statute 1883 (47 Vict. No. 782), The Public Health Act 1888 (52 Vict. No. 1044) and The Public Health Act 1889 (53 Vict. No. 1044).


Sources used to compile this entry: Law Research Service, Melbourne Law School, Law Library, The University of Melbourne. 'Find and Connect Project - Victorian Legislation', 1 February 2013, held in the project files at the University of Melbourne eScholarship Research Centre.

Prepared by: Christine Moje