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Victoria - Archival Collection

Lutheran Children's Home Records (1950 - 1972)


The Lutheran Archives in Adelaide holds records relating to the administration of the Lutheran Children's Home, which was located in Surrey Hills and Kew, Victoria. The collection at Lutheran Archives comprises minutes of meetings of the Committee of Management and the Auxiliary, and some financial records.


Access Conditions

Access to some records in this collection may be restricted to protect the privacy of individuals.


Lutheran Archives, Adelaide holds the following records relating to the Lutheran Children's Home in Victoria:

  • Lutheran Children's Home, Committee of Management, Minutes 1950-1966, 1970-1972
  • Lutheran Children's Home, Auxiliary, Minutes 1970-1972
  • Lutheran Children's Home, Income and Expenditure 1955-1958

Sources used to compile this entry: Correspondence with Lutheran Archives (SA), January 2018.

Prepared by: Rosemary Francis