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Victoria - Archival Collection

OzChild Records (c. 1956 - )

c. 1956

The archival collection at OzChild dates back to the late 1950s, and includes Melbourne Family Care and Family Action records and records from the Victorian Children's Aid Society and Family Focus from around the 1970s. Some earlier records from both organisations (including from the Melbourne Orphanage) are at the State Library of Victoria in the Melbourne Orphan Asylum Records manuscript collection.


Access Conditions

Previous clients of Oz Child are entitled to have access to their records and to photocopy any part of their file. Information Privacy Principles and the Freedom of Information legislation are used as a point of reference in managing this process. Care leavers (and their families) wanting to find information about their time in care, or access personal files can contact OzChild.

OzChild keeps more recent case files in secure storage off site. Older files (primarily pre 1950), are placed in the Manuscript Section of the State Library. If you would like to check whether your file is in the OzChild archives or the State Library, please contact OzChild Head Office.

If OzChild holds your files in the archives then you will need to make a request in writing to the Executive Officer, OzChild, to view your files.

Once OzChild receives the written request, they will photocopy your files and forward them to you as soon as possible. Please be aware that the process of retrieving your file from the secure archive facility, and reviewing it to ensure compliance with privacy legislation, may take up to eight weeks.

If the records are in the State Library of Victoria, you will need a letter of authorisation from OzChild to access your records. You will need to make an appointment before you visit the State Library.


The information below is for people who have been in care at OzChild or any of its previous agencies including:

  • Melbourne Orphanage
  • Melbourne Family Care Organisation
  • Victorian Children's Aid Society
  • Family Action
  • Family Focus
  • Children Australia Inc.

OzChild Records include copies of the Admission and Discharge records from the Melbourne Orphanage dating back to 1851, and client files of former OzChild clients, including the foster care, disability and residential care files. These have been catalogued on a single searchable database.

OzChild's collection also contains records relating to Alan Marshall Centre Black Rock, Norman Craig Lodge - Black Rock, Somers House, Black Rock, Swinburne Lodge, Parkville.

Prepared by: Rosemary Francis